1. We do conduct regular evangelization and mission programs targeting unreached people groups around the world. We do this through public crusades, discipleship programs for new churches, newsletter publications and much more
  2. We do teach and disciple new believers with the Bible, so that they can become effective leaders, who with godly character and in the power of the Holy Spirit will tranform the nations to the glory of God
  3. We do host and conduct conferences and seminars in many nations of the world for the growth and nurturing of the body of Christ.
  4. We do partner with other ministries and churches around the world in achieving these goals.
  5. We provide resources for the furthering of missionary endeavors worldwide, catering for the totality of man – spirit, soul and body
  6. In partnership with other churches, ministries and christian groups; we do hold regular outreaches to the homeless, orphans, the elderly, single parents worldwide (James 1:27)

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