God is calling out real biblical sowers to reap His end time harvest. Are you inclining your heart to hear Him?

God is the Giver of seeds to all men (2 Corinthians 9:10 and Isaiah 55:10-13). Everything that He does in our lives begins with seeds. The provision of our seeds comes in the form of His revelation light into our hearts. And His light directs our pathway into prosperity. As the Psalmist said:

“The entrance and unfolding of Your words (seeds) give light; their unfolding gives understanding (discernment and comprehension) to the simple.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭119:130‬ ‭AMPC‬‬

The entrance and unfolding of God’s word-seed into our hearts, is what brightens our pathway into divine prosperity as Christians. His word-seed gives us the ability to be able to discern, understand and comprehend what to do, how to do it, when to do it and where to do it in a simplified manner; which makes it easy for us to willingly obey Him.

 It’s never difficult to obey God if the heart is willing. God is not complicated at all. But oftentimes it’s the unwilling hearts of His children, that makes it seem to some as if it is difficult to obey Him. An unwilling heart is harder than a rock to break through, so as to listen and hear from God, whenever His light shines towards such believers.

The more a child of God is walking righteously before the Lord, the more that light from the word-seed of God spreads out to illuminate his heart, for more and more prosperity. There is no limit to the ability of the sower to sow seeds into his prosperity, if he is willing. The moment the word (seed) of God brings light to him, he moves into action immediately without any question into that will of God. This is how a biblical sower sows into his prosperity.

Sowing is therefore a very important aspect of spiritual warfare. It should never be taken lightly. God will never give to you the totality of His plan for your prosperity all at once, through the word-seed or rhema as His revelation light comes to you. Everything that comes to you from God is a seed or a small glimpse into you destiny in Him (1 Corinthians 13:12). As you sow your seeds continually with a willing heart of obedience, He does expect you to use your faith in navigating your own pathway, so as to spread the prosperity as far as you desire. God never places a limit on your prosperity, as long as you are walking in willing obedience to Him.

There is no limit to what you are able to accomplish in the realm of the spirit, because that is your place of residency. You are seated in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1:3). That is the position of authority from where you operate, to take over the wealth of the ungodly on this earth.

You are therefore a spiritual man, even though you do live temporarily now on this planet. You are not ordinary. You can do supernatural things for your prosperity on the earth, which will always amaze the ungodly people around you. They will continue to see you prospering more and more; with their mouths wide open in aghast of you.

The unsaved world is never disturbed or disgusted, when their own people are prospering. But the moment a child of God is prospering, they will get angry, bitter and they will do everything possible to destroy him.

This is all part of the spiritual warfare that you are engaged in with your prosperity. This is how the prosperity of the righteous man gives glory to God in spiritual warfare. The ungodly will then come in search of the God, who prospers everything that you are doing. They will come because they want to know Him also.

The spiritual aspect of sowing is where your ability to pray in the spirit, becomes vital to your continuous prosperity. It helps you to stabilize into greater growth for more prosperity, even as you carry the weight in spiritual responsibility of what you have now.

This will remain a mystery to the ungodly, but not a mystery to you anymore. The ungodly will continue to marvel at your ability to sustain the prosperity of the Lord. Your ability to continue praying in the spirit, allows you to be able to discern in identifying and recognizing new fertile grounds for prosperity, that the Holy Spirit will be revealing to you. God’s revelation light will always guide you, as you are following through with Him. 

Don’t get yourself stuck in the same spiritual position in life. Move upward into a greater realm in God for your prosperity. There is no limit with God. Why put limit on Him? Be contended and satisfied with what you have now; but stretch out by faith into new territories and possess them.

Be a sower of seeds and not just the eater

The seed eaters devour their seeds, just as the locusts devour a great harvest. Stop eating the seeds that are meant for sowing!

God does not just give us the seeds to sow. He has made provisions in the grains coming out of the harvest, for us to also have the food to eat (1 Corinthians 9:14). Some are in the habit of eating everything that’ve been harvested, without leaving anything for sowing as seeds into their future. This is why divine prosperity never comes to them. They’ve received seeds from God to sow for the future, when the revelation light about sowing came into their hearts. But instead of sowing their seeds, they are consuming them and then they begin to wonder, why the goodness of the Lord keeps eluding them. It’s because they’ve stopped sowing seeds for future harvests.

There are others who are just infatuated with amassing wealth with their seeds. God is not against us saving some seeds for future sowings, but He hates people who are hoarding their seeds, without a plan for future harvests. 

There was a wealthy Christian business man who died a few years ago here in Texas. He died without leaving behind a written will for his wealth, and there was no wife or children to take possession of everything that he had. 

When access was finally gained into his residence, the community was surprised by what was discovered. The rich man had a special room that was full of dollar note bills and inventory files of all his wealth. He never used the financial systems of the world to organize his life. He never took anything to heaven with him either, while some of the Christians who were working for him lived in poverty. 

This rich Christian business man hired only believers in Christ to work for him. He entrusted the running of all his businesses to Christians, but he was not sowing seeds into their lives. He died like the man in the Parable of the talents (see Matthew 25:24-30).

Those who amass wealth for themselves are often not mindful about the things of God’s Kingdom. God is not against us having savings bank accounts, but He expects us to be mindful of His Kingdom with what we have also. The spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ is never a priority for those who are hoarding their seeds. The purpose of God for us as Christians is the salvation of souls. Our seeds needs to be bringing sinners into the Kingdom of God. You will never take anything out of this world when you die, apart from your relationship with Jesus. What are you doing with the seeds that God has given to you, in getting those who do not know Him to be saved just like you?

The sowing of seeds has always been our priority at Bible Vision International Ministries. Sowing seeds is what has brought this Ministry to where we are today. We do not do fundraising. Neither do we peddle the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are a 100% faith based organization. We sow seeds on a regular basis, because it is the pathway into prosperity, which the Lord gave to us from the very beginning. We do not however demean others who do such things; especially if that’s the pathway which God has given to them. They are God’s children just like us. And just as all the children in a family never end up doing the same things in life, we are all one of the same household faith.

We at Bible Vision International Ministries are more focused on sowing seeds; so as to get souls saved, healed and delivered. A soul that has a personal relationship with Jesus, is able to do so much on the earth for the Kingdom of God. We don’t ever underestimate the power of any seed that is being sowed into the nations. We see what God is doing daily in the nations, as we are sowing continually. We are more happy and blessed to be a distribution center of God’s blessings across the earth. 

Paul told Timothy in the Passion Bible Translation while advising some people within the Church who were wealthy, but not using their wealth and riches to prosper God’s Kingdom on the earth:

“Remind the wealthy to be rich in remarkable works of extravagant generosity, willing to share with others. These spiritual investments will provide a beautiful foundation for their lives and secure for them a great future, as they lay their hands upon the meaning of true life.”

‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6:18-19‬ ‭TPT

A willing heart to share with others is the heart of the biblical sower. The goal of sowing seeds or sharing with others is to lay hold on the mystery of God for the eternal salvation of others. This is the ultimate goal in all of our Christian giving at Bible Vision International Ministries. 

Spending eternity with Christ is the end result that comes with it, in the understanding of the meaning of true Christian life. That’s what the prosperity of the believer is meant to be bringing into his life.

When you are sowing seeds to the nations as a child of God, you are making “spiritual investments” into the lives of others, so as to advance God’s Kingdom on the earth. God needs you to sow those seeds for the advancement of His Kingdom on the earth. This is the spiritual investment that you are making for your eternal life with Christ Jesus.

And as a sower you must be led by the Holy Spirit to sow, because it’s a spiritual exercise. It will cause the righteousness of Christ in you to shine forth to the end of the earth. 

Get the revelation about sowing first

Catching the divine revelation about sowing requires that you learn to hear God always. Does your heart always bears witness about sowing?

Don’t just be throwing seeds away by investing in things that yields no spiritual returns. That’s why you need God’s revelation light to be a righteous sower. Your ears must be attentive to the Holy Spirit about sowing. Your heart must be opened to His instructions about sowing. Your spiritual eyes must be opened to see what you are sowing into. 

Jesus told the disciples about how the sower sows seeds, so as to help us in identifying the godly sower in our world today. He said to them:

“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭13:16-17 NIV

A godly sower has spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear from the Holy Spirit, so as to be able to sow into fertile grounds and the green pastures. That’s how God’s revelation light leads and guides him in sowing. Don’t let people pump you up into sowing seeds without getting the revelation about sowing. That’s wickedness. You may end up just throwing your seeds away to the spiritual birds of the air (Mark 4:4).

Many people are being deceived daily, because of the lack of revelation concerning the mystery of God about sowing. You must know how much to sow, where to sow and when to sow, as your spiritual eyes are opening up into understanding it. Your spiritual ears must be attentive to hearing and listening for that revelation light of God about sowing.

As David said:

“I find more joy in following what you tell me to do than in chasing after all the wealth of the world.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭119:14‬ ‭TPT‬‬

A believer in Christ does not need to be chasing after wealth like the unsaved people of the world. He needs only to be taking joy in seeing with his spiritual eyes, hearing with spiritual ears for the light of the Holy Spirit to shine forth into his heart about sowing seeds. Are your ears hearing and your eyes seeing the light from the Holy Spirit, teaching you how to be a godly sower?

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  1. Anil Kumar Edward 5 years ago

    Amen.Faith comes by hearing,and hearing the
    WORD OF GOD.We after hearing and believing in
    the WORD of GOD,take the burden of perishing souls to make them hear the same word of God
    and lead them to the salvation experience.
    And then will be a fruit bearing believers.

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