Our ability as Christians to accept and obey the instructions of the Lord to us, is very crucial to our ability to prosper with His blessings. Many have heard God over and over again; but their inability to obey Him has led them into spiritual, physical and material destitutions. That’s why they do often wonder why things are not working right for them.

In many instances it is not that they are incapable of obeying God’s voice; but it is actually their traditional beliefs and superstitions, that has kept them down from moving into, what the Lord has for their lives through a lifestyle of faith in God.

On many occasions I had seen the unbelievers prospering, because they were quick to obey, what many of them do often call “an intuition”. Their intuitions (as they often refer to their inner witnesses) led them to do certain things, which has brought them successes and prosperity in life.

At the same time you will observe a believer in Christ, struggling within himself to obey the voice of God. He is so entrenched in his own self righteousness, and the traditional belief system of the world around him. The rigidity at heart of any child of God to obey the voice of His Lord, will always make it difficult for him to make the right decisions into his prosperity. If God doesn’t reveal things to them, to fit into their traditional values and the belief system of their unsaved world, they will never be moved to obey God. A lifestyle of faith is far from them.

Always remember that you do have the power in you, to make your world look exactly, the way you will like it to be. Your spoken words are creative. You can create the world around your life, with your own words of faith confessions. You do not have to live like the people around you; whose lifestyle of poverty and destitution is destroying them, with their so called traditions, superstitions and dead religious values.

The type of prosperous life that you live, is determined by you and not by God. Satan has no right to hold you back from a prosperous life either. If the ungodly around you are prospering, why are you not prospering more than them?

You are God’s light to their darkness. Let your light shine. Start putting an edge over the spoken words, that are holding you back from prosperity. If your big mouth got you into lack and poverty. The same mouth will have to get you out, by your daily confessions of faith in the promises of God to prosper you.

As King Solomon once said:

“You are snared with the words of your lips, you are caught by the speech of your mouth.”  –  Proverbs 6:2 AMPC

Wisdom always speaks louder through meditation

The scriptures says again:

The wise in heart [are willing to learn so they] will accept and obey commands (instruction), But the babbling fool [who is arrogant and thinks himself wise] will come to ruin.”

A believer in Christ who is constantly renewing his mind is wise. By renewing his mind he has been able to train himself, to be submissive to the inner voice from his heart in obeying God. A renewed mind will always prosper, with the blessing of the Lord in this way.

A believer who is wise in himself, may be so religiously reading his Bible daily; but he is not hearing God, because he doesn’t take time out to meditate on what he is reading. He reads God’s word; but God’s word has no place in him. Therefore the wisdom of God is far from him. God speaks to him in the scriptures daily; but he is not listening enough to hear, and to be obedient to God’s voice.

It is the inability of many Christians to continually renew their minds, by meditating on the word of God days and nights; that is hindering their prosperity. Some have substituted Church attendance, seminars and conferences for their ability to renew their minds. All these can never be substituted for your daily personal devotional time in the word of God.

Meditation on God’s word is what gives us revelational knowledge. You may know many scripture texts in the head; but they will do you no good, if you do lack revelations from those scripture texts, to be practically successful in life. It is what has made many people so religious, without the life of Christ in them.

Solomon said again:

“Wise men store up and treasure knowledge [in mind and heart], But with the mouth of the foolish, ruin is at hand.”

A wise man knows how to use the knowledge of God, from his renewed mind and heart, to bring prosperity into his own personal life. But a fool will never renew his mind and his heart with God’s word. He is therefore never stable in the things of God. He moves always between the two opinions of both his traditional world, and what the scriptures says, until the prosperity of the Lord begins to elude him.

But a man of faith is wise enough to constantly hold fast to God’s promises, until he becomes stable and established in his prosperity. He is not moved by what the world around him is so crazy in running after.

The Psalmist said of him:

“He will not be moved forever; the [uncompromisingly] righteous (the upright, in right standing with God) shall be in everlasting remembrance. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is firmly fixed, trusting (leaning on and being confident) in the Lord. His heart is established and steady, he will not be afraid while he waits to see his desire established upon his adversaries.”
Psalm 112:6-8 AMPC

It’s a matter of your own choice

Prosperity is a matter of your own choice. You either will have to choose the blessings of the Lord, or the Devil will choose the curse for you (Deuteronomy 30:19-20). A believer who is reluctant in obeying God’s word to him, has already given himself to the Devil, to make the choice for him.

Satan will definitely bring him the curse instead of the blessing, sicknesses instead of healing, death instead of life, poverty instead of prosperity. Why? His inability to decide, to either follow in the blessing or the curse, guarantees the delivery of the curse into his life by Satan. He is slothful in obeying God’s voice. That’s why many children of God are living in poverty today.

But a stable heart in the promises of God prospers always. His heart is firmly fixed and established in his prosperity, because he is constantly looking up to God and not men.

There are many who are just slothful in obeying God for other reasons. The life of Christ is not in them. They love hanging around Christians, because they see them as good people. But when the Lord speaks to them about the salvation of their souls, they become rebellious. So they will surely miss the blessing, due to their own rebellion against God’s voice to them.

Others are so full of scripture texts in the brain, to the extent that they are not useful at all to themselves. Head knowledge of scriptures should never be equated for salvation.

In most cases that I had observed in life, their minds has not been renewed, with what they have in their heads from these scriptures. That’s why the joy of salvation is far from them. Head knowledge of the Bible does not bring salvation. It is also possible to be mentally ascending to everything, that is being preached or taught to them, without really absorbing any of it.

The Bible says:

“For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”
Romans 10:10 NKJV

Faith is of the heart and not of the head. A change in the heart brings a real experience of salvation, into being made righteous before God. That’s how the confession of Christ as the Lord of your life, even as you repented of your sins brought you salvation. It is actually the word that is meditated upon, that brings you faith into the heart.

As an example the Israelites heard the word of God from the mouth of Moses; but many of them still died in the wilderness, without inheriting the promises of the Lord. What they heard from Moses was never received or believed with their hearts. And because their hearts were not responsive to the word of God, they had no faith in those promises of God. Their minds were never renewed, with those promises of God.

They were always traveling in their minds, back into the bondage of Egypt. The lifestyle of slavery in Egypt was their traditional values. When they would not get the slavery mentality out of their minds, by renewing their minds with God’s promises of prosperity; they all dropped dead in the wilderness.

When God gave you His promises of prosperity; He expects you to continually renew your mind with them, until the mentality and the dead traditions of your old life, are gotten rid of completely. The renewal of the mind is what every believer in Christ does for life. As you are doing this, the light of your new life in the blessing of the Lord, will start shining brighter and brighter.

It is possible also to hear the gospel preached; but to just store up what is heard in the head only, without meditating on it. This was what happened in the wilderness with the Israelites.

The scriptures says about them:

“For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them; but the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it.”
Hebrews 4:2 NKJV

The gospel that they heard in the wilderness was never mixed with faith, by many of them who heard it. Why? They heard the word preached by Moses; but they never meditated on the word, that they heard Moses preached to them. And since they never meditated on what they heard, there was no faith in what they heard. Their lack of meditation on what they heard, gave them no revelational knowledge of the word, that they heard for their prosperity.

And there are people in Churches today like them. Not everyone who hears the word preached, are actually meditating on what they heard. That’s how people often get stuck in the revolving cycles of life, that the enemy has used in holding them down in bondages.

Faith is not of the mind or of the brain. Faith is of the heart. That’s why the mind needs to be renewed, so that it won’t be conflicting with your belief system of faith from the heart, in the power of God to prosper you.

Take it by faith

A lifestyle of proactive faith is what you’re supposed to be living, so as to be able to lay hold of all the provisions and blessings, available for you in Christ Jesus. Don’t ever let the Devil lie to you about your new life in Christ Jesus.

If you are not making wise decisions to prosper yourself, the Devil will make those decisions for you. You just need to do nothing, and his choices will come into your life. When you are doing nothing to live by faith in God, the Devil will do somethings for you. That’s why you must be fighting the good fight of faith always, with the choices of the blessings, good health, abundance and prosperity.

Satan has deceived many with his lies, and they are no longer living by faith. They used to be prosperous before they became Christians; but they never understood how the principles of prosperity in God’s Kingdom works. That’s why they moved away from a lifestyle of faith, back into their old lifestyle of unbelief, sin and consequential spiritual death or eternal separation from God.

This is how the Devil can bring down the Christian, who is wise in himself. If you are not careful in this type of situation, you will find yourself struggling to live a prosperous lifestyle, that you are used to living before.

As an example the enemy knows how to create imaginary financial situations, around the lives of many today; so as to manipulate them into spending money on unnecessary projects, which God never called them into. This can happen to anyone. I had made personal mistakes like this before also. But I have learnt a lot in those financial mistakes.

Satan knows how to manipulate your mind, to be spending money on the things, that you don’t need or want. Instead of believing God for the things that God told you to do. Satan will make you believe that you need money for those things. Whereas God only told you to believe Him for them. That’s why you must always renew your mind, with what you heard from God. It’s the only way for you to be stable by faith in resisting the Devil.

Remember that God never told you, to spend money on anything that He called you to do. He only told you to believe Him for them. You need to be living a lifestyle of faith, to receive always from God, what He has given you already.

Faith is heaven’s currency on the earth. You need it for the prosperity of the Lord here on earth. In Heaven you are going to see God face to face. So you do not need faith in Heaven. But you need it while you are living here on the earth. That’s why your lifestyle of faith in God, is so important for you to prosper here on earth. You’ve got to continually renew your mind, to flow in the prosperity of the Lord by faith. Therefore remember this:

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”
Romans 10:17 NKJV

You can’t prosper by thinking and talking like the lowlifes around you

Get your mind off the mentality of the lowlife people in the world, that God has called you to change. You can’t be living and talking like them, if you want to change them. The very reason why God called you out, and sent you to them; is because He knows that you are the most qualified person, to bring His change into their world. Your mind and thoughts needs to be where God’s thoughts are for you (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Don’t let the opinionated world around you, influence your lifestyle as a Christian. You are the light in the darkness of your world. And your light will never shine if you are not different from the darkness around you.

That’s why some people are suffering while serving the Lord today. They are trying to follow the thinkings and the opinions of the people in their communities; instead of renewing their minds to be able to hear, the voice of wisdom from their hearts.

Some have also mistaken the call of God into the ministry, to be an opportunity for a “get rich quick scheme” because of this. They will manipulate the word of God, to fit into the low mentality of the world around them; with the aim of enriching themselves. With this type of mentality they have often destroyed their own lives, and the lives of those who are following them. This is a delusional deception from hell to annihilate them.

Remember what Paul told the Corinthians:

Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, as those sent from God.
2 Corinthians 2:17 NIV

Just because you are called of God, doesn’t give you the right to exploit the people of God. God is able to take care of you. Your prosperity is never dependent on people, but on God. Trust Him to take care of you. He knows everything that you need, and He has assigned provisions for you in meeting those needs. The Devil is the one who will make you look up to men, rather than trusting and believing in God for your prosperity.

Maybe you had never done anything for the Lord before in your life. And before you realizes it, you’d found yourself doing what people, who do preach the gospel are doing. You’ve found yourself in a situation that you were really never prepared for. God is the One leading you and guiding your pathway. Follow His leading, and you will surely prosper with the gospel.

Or maybe you’ve never had any ministry experience before, not to even talk of any real commitment to any Church group. You were living financially well before; but now in Christ Jesus you are beginning to wonder, if your life is going to be like one of those, poor preachers that you’d seen before.

Let me tell you upfront in your calling, that poverty is a curse from the pit of hell. It is never God’s will to make anyone with His calling poor (see 3 John 1:2). There is no stronger curse that has hindered the flow of the anointing in many, who had been called into the ministry than poverty.

Poverty will sap the anointing oil away from your life. It will drain you of all your abilities in Christ Jesus, to do exploits for God’s Kingdom. The devil often uses poverty to destroy the lives of Christians, who had been called into the ministry. He uses it to hinder the flow of God’s anointing for the blessing into their lives. He will use poverty to get them sick, get them in debt and to be demoralized.

The devil wants you to believe that poverty will make you holy. But there is really nothing holy about being poor. It’s a curse from the pit of hell. Being poor doesn’t do you any good at all, but it will stunt your life and the calling of God over your life.

Your faith is your currency! Start spending it!

Are you wondering about doing the work of God with no financial abilities? Then faith in God is the currency that you need to be spending, and not money. Money will always come and go away; but your faith in God’s promises to you through His word, and the blood of Jesus will set you free from every poverty stinking demons. You will never run out of using your faith for prosperity. Money will always come and go; but your faith will grow from strength to strength, as you are using it.

Faith is the currency of heaven, that you will always use on earth to prosper yourself. Remember that the faithless generation of the Israelites died in the wilderness. God will never allow faithless people to enjoy His prosperity with you. People who are always thinking money wise, instead of spending their faith like money will never be satisfied with money. But when you are using your faith to get what God has promised you, you will be satisfied and contented.

People with the money wise mentality, will either have to change their mentality or leave you. God desires for you to become His channel of prosperity, into the lives of the people around you, who are walking and living by faith. But you are never going to be able to do it, if you are always thinking about the finances. All that you need to be doing, is to use your faith in God’s promises for your life.

You can’t prosper by hanging around people with poverty mentality. They think that money will resolve everything for them. But if you are in partnership with God, faith is what you need. That’s why it’s important to always make your vision clear, to the people around your life about this; before taking them with you into the promised land of God for you.

When God called Abraham, Moses, Elijah and Paul; He never gave them money to do anything for Him. He only gave them His words. In God’s word to you is the wisdom to prosper you. But faith has to be applied for His words to perform for you. You’ve got to receive and believe that Word.

When the mindset of the people around you is transformed, by the renewing of their minds; they will start to see how their faith in Christ, can supply every needs for their lives.

Don’t muzzle the ox

David once said:

“May those who delight in my vindication shout for joy and gladness; may they always say, “The Lord be exalted, who delights in the well-being of his servant.”
Psalm 35:27 NIV

It brings God so much glory when you are prospering financially, in doing everything that God has called you to do. God delights and takes great pleasure in prospering, those who has been called by Him. He wants you to be so wealthy, that you won’t need to be praying for finances, to do what He has called you to do anymore.

You may talk with Him about finances. But everyone around you must be prospering, just as you are prospering also. This is a sign that they are drawing from the anointing over your life to increase and multiply themselves.

Remember what the scriptures says:

“Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain.”
Deuteronomy 25:4 NIV

And again Paul said:

“In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.”
1 Corinthians 9:14 NIV

The ox is normally used in Israel, to tread out the corn on the field after harvest. The seed or grain is the word of God. God is literally saying here that, just as the ox should never be prevented from eating out of the corn that it is treading; the Preacher of the gospel must not be prevented from eating from the gospel that he or she is preaching.

Remember that the muzzle is meant for the mouth of the ox. You use the mouth to receive into your body. You also use it to decree things with spoken words. The grain is the word that you eat and sow. What comes out of your mouth often will determine your destiny in life.

When you are declaring God’s promises for your life; your faith in those promises is being built up. You are using your faith as currency to get what belongs to you. Are you ready to inherit the blessing of the Lord? It’s going to start flowing from your heart through your mouth. You can’t hold it back. You can’t stop the overflow from your heart, if you are renewing your mind as you are declaring those promises of God.

Very soon you will start seeing the changes around you. People will notice you changed first, before you start seeing it in your own life. Welcome to your prosperity.

  1. Kingsley Uwakwe 3 years ago

    I must say that I am in love with your article on prosperity through faith. Poverty is a trait of the fallen nature. God provided everything that man needed to live comfortably on the earth but man’s independability on God’s Word brought deprivation. Jesus Christ through His sacrificial death paid the ramsom to deliver man from the empty lives we inherited from Adam. We are saved by Grace through faith (depending on God’s Word). For man to access anything from God including kingdom wealth and prosperity; it must be on the basis of absolute dependency on the Word of God. Challenges will arise; opposition and sometimes depression but the Word will always prevail.

    • Abraham Adeyeye 3 years ago


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