It is God’s perfect will to heal every sick person on the earth today. But being able to retain the healing of the body, requires that we are cultivating a good health habit. A good health habit will prolong lives on the earth.

This is however something that can only be done by covenanting with God about it.

The longest living man on the earth was Methuselah. He was a healthy man with sound mind, who ruled his world by speaking words.

His life was solely reliant on what he was hearing from the Lord, and what he was discerning from the spirit of the world around him.

He had lived long by not being so attached to the world of evil and sin that surrounded him. He saw what was going on around him, but he wouldn’t even consider being part of it at all.

Methuselah lived in the world, but he was never part of the sinful world. He distanced himself from the evil that was going on in the world around him. And by doing so, he was able to live longer than all the people of the world around him.

Methuselah was a great hunter and warrior, who according to several rabbinical writings fought demons and defeated them with his mysterious sword (faith filled words).

There is still a mystery that’s yet to be resolved surrounding the sword, that Methuselah used in fighting demons and defeating them.

But it is mostly agreed that he was not using a carnal sword, as some had thought concerning him, as a result of his hunting skills. He had used a spiritual sword in fighting and defeating demons. The Bible says that the sword of the spirit is the word of God (Ephesians 6:17).

Methuselah taught all his children after him, to live in the same way that he had lived by faith before God. A lifestyle of faith in the power of the spoken word opened the door of longevity in this life for him. He is still on the world record as being the oldest human being that ever lived.

The Bible says:

“So, all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty-nine years; and he died.”
Genesis‬ ‭5:27‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

He had lived for 969 years on the earth while leaving a strong legacy of faith in God for his descendants to follow after him. Methuselah was a man of faith who honored God’s word and honored his own words also before all men.

He was a man who understood how covenants with people works. He never promised anything without doing it. His word was always his bond.

In our world today covenants have been brought so low to the status of a piece of paper, which any party to the covenant itself can tear into little pieces at any time, if anything in it does not satisfy them.

That’s why the divorce rate among Christians is so high today, because the Christian spouses who are involved are seeking what pleases themselves only, instead of the things that pleases God, in their relationships with one another.

Job was another man who understood how covenants between people worked. He had lived a prosperous life by pursuing after covenants with God, with other men and also with himself also.

His wife had to tell him one day during his trial of faith to break his covenant with God (Job 2:9). She could not stand seeing the suffering of the man that she loved. She suggested to him to curse God and die instead of suffering in the flesh.

Cursing God would have terminated Job’s covenant with the Lord. So, Job refused to listen to her, because he knew the power of being in a covenant.

In fact, on one occasion Job had said about himself that:

“I have made a covenant with my eyes; Why then should I look upon a young woman?”
Job‬ ‭31:1‬ ‭NKJV

Job cherished covenants so much that he had to enter into a covenant with his own eyes, so as not to sin against God and consequently break his covenant with the Lord.

The eye of a man is his point of contact with a seductive woman. Job knew what this could had done to him, so he decided to covenant with his own eyes, not to set his eyes on a seductive woman.

What Job did here will save a lot of people in our world today, from the sin of pornography and from other sexual sins.

If you’re struggling with pornography as a Christian, the devil will definitely use that sin to smear your testimony about Jesus, so as to limit the flow of God’s power through your life.

And there are a lot of Christians who are struggling with this today. But it’s possible to break that smear of the devil by entering into a covenant with your eyes. You can covenant with your eyes just as Job did, never to look at images that are dirty and filthy to your spirit, soul and body anymore.

In the days of Job, they never had pornography as we have it today. But it was the same seductive spirit that is in pornography, that they were struggling with.

A lot of the men were into sexual sins on the earth at that time (Genesis 6:1-2).

This was one major sin from the seductive spirit that led to the flood of Noah, in which the world was destroyed at the time.

The same sin had not gone away, even though Jesus had made the ultimate sacrifice for our deliverance from it.

However the provision in the blood of Jesus is able to do for us today, what Job and the people who experienced the flood of Noah never had.

That’s why Jesus said:

“If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, rather than having two hands, to go to hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched—”
‭‭Mark‬ ‭9:43‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

What Jesus is saying here is not different from what Job did, to protect himself from the seductive spirit of the women of his time.

In other words, Jesus is suggesting here to anyone who is struggling with the temptation to sin with pornography, to shut off any part of your physical body from every appearance of sin. Sins of this nature will hinder your ability to live healthy and longer on the earth.

And if you want to live longer on the earth and be in good health, you will need to settle it with the Lord first at the Communion Table. Enter into a covenant with Him about it. Then watch Him do His own part of the covenant, as you are fulfilling your part of it also.

And if you have failed while walking in doing your own part of it, don’t forget that God is always faithful. He will keep you stronger in this type of covenant, for as long as your heart and attitude are right before Him concerning this (1 John 1:8-10).

God’s perfect will is a healthy long life.

The Apostle John had said these words also in his prayer for all the believers in Christ Jesus around the world:

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”
‭‭III John‬ ‭1:2‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Prosperity in all things with good health so as to be able to enjoy it, is God’s perfect will for everyone of His children. God desires that we prosper spiritually, just as our souls, minds and the physical bodies are prospering.

Otherwise, it would not have been included in the Holy Scriptures for us at all.

What the Apostle John was pointing out here for us to understand, so as to be able to take hold of it is that the Spirit of Jesus is not only seeking to heal us. He is also seeking to give everyone of God’s children good health, so that we can enjoy His prosperity instead of enduring it.

Good health in the physical body as your spirit and soul are prospering, will give you long life to enjoy on the earth. Long life on the earth comes with the spiritual package of good health and prosperity.

King David also wrote by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that:

“With long life I will satisfy him and show him My salvation.”
Psalms‬ ‭91:16‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Not only does God want to heal you. He is also seeking to give you good health with prosperity and longevity of life. He however needs your co-operation to be able to do this for you.

That’s why you need to covenant with Him about long life, if you’re really interested in it. You can agree together with the Lord, about how long you want to live on the earth.

And you can’t effectively cooperate with God about this without a valid covenant before Him. A covenant will put a seal on your spiritual package for good health and long life.

You have to be willing to live in good health with long life, so as to be able to attain it. God won’t give you what you are not interested in having. He doesn’t waste His goodness on those who are not desiring it enough, because He knows that they won’t appreciate it.

A lot of God’s children are not cooperating with Him about good health and long life on the earth today.

They are more concerned about their healing, and less about their good health and long life on the earth. That’s why many people are dying very early in life, while enduring to live prosperously in good health.

The scriptures declared as sin began to increase on the earth, after the fall of Adam and Eve:

“And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭6:3‬ ‭NKJV‬

God’s perfect will for you is to be able to live up to one hundred and twenty years on the earth, in good health and prosperity. He wants you to be able to enjoy life with good health on the earth and not endure it.

Note also that in another verse after this statement by the Lord, the Bible says:

“Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”
Genesis‬ ‭6:5‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

In other words, people were continually meditating on evil. And if you will look at the first two verses of the chapter, you will see that sexual sins were predominant on the earth at the time.

People were not doing what Job did by entering into a covenant with himself, never to set his eyes on a seductive woman. And because their eyes were fixed on this evil, the thoughts of evil were not far from them.

The thoughts of evil shortened their lifespan on the earth. Instead of meditating on the promises of God, they were meditating on the evil deeds of the devil around them.

It is not different from what we are seeing in our world today. You can easily identify what people are spending most of their time with, as they are talking with you.

If they have been on the television or on the internet and other things for too long, it’s going to be coming out of their mouth. And if they have been spending their time with the Lord, you will hear them talk about it with you.

You can’t hide yourself for long, even if you try very hard to be concealed. As Jesus said:

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭6:45‬ ‭NKJV

Your mouth will always reveal what you have been spending most of your time doing.

That’s why many are dying before their times these days. God’s Spirit is leading them into His promises for them to be meditating on, but they are more concerned with other things in the world around them.

Some other people are just enduring life and waiting for the time to die. They are continually struggling to attain good health, even though they are already healed.

But without good health longevity of life will evade them. A healthy lifestyle is the prerequisite for long life, as long as you are working with God by faith about it.

Be a good steward of healthy long life.

Jesus once said to the corrupt church at Thyatira:

“But hold fast what you have till I come.”
Revelation‬ ‭2:25‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

This same word is for the Christians who are living in a corrupt and evil world today – “hold fast” to what you have until Jesus comes.

But unfortunately, if you’re not living in good health while advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth, it is going to be hard for you to hold fast.

It’s God’s perfect will for everyone of His children to not only be healed, but to be living a fruitful healthy life with the declaration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s a thing of glory and honor to God to be able to meet Jesus, having lived the fullness of your life on the earth in good health.

This means that as the people of God we must become good stewards of our physical bodies, by being able to carefully maintain and sustain the healing of the body itself, while cultivating a lifestyle habit of good health.

God delights to see your physical body prospering, just as your soul with the mind is prospering. It’s a disservice to God if you’re prosperous in spiritual things, but you’re not able to testify of that with good health in the physical body.

God has given you a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). A sound mind is the mind of Christ in you, which will help you in making smart choices about everything in this life.

This also pertains to your health. The mind that is not sound has a good health problem, that will hinder the prosperity of that person.

A sound mind is therefore part of your good health package. God wants you to be healed and healthy in your spirit, soul (mind) and in your physical body.

A Christian who is obese as another example does not necessarily have a spiritual issue, even though there may be oppressive evil spirits that are influencing the mind of that person.

Obesity is an issue of the mindset. If the mind is set on certain unhealthy eating habits; it’s going to affect the health of that person. And it will eventually cause that Christian to become sick.

This has nothing to do with the devil. The individual has brought it upon himself by making unhealthy eating habit choices.

He is a good Christian, but he is not making healthy choices, so as to be able to live a long life on the earth.

Neither the devil nor God has any part in this. The person may die from a sickness that is self-inflicted. Long life is God’s will for every child that He has.

That’s why your ability as a Spirit filled Christian to be praying in the Holy Spirit, helps you a lot in the process of making smart decisions about what you are eating and drinking.

The Bible says:

“The spirit of a man is the lamp of the LORD, Searching all the inner depths of his heart.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭20:27‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Praying in the Holy Spirit helps you to be able to tap into the wisdom of God about many choices of life, including your personal health habits.

Christians needs to be careful about taking advice from everywhere and from everybody, without consulting first of all with the Holy Spirit who is living inside of them.

A lot of Holy Spirit filled Christians have died, because they are not seeking to know the will of God about their physical bodies. They are consulting more with the information on the internet about their health, instead of tapping into the wisdom of God inside of them.

God created us all uniquely, but differently. The information on the internet may work for others, but not necessarily for you. The Lord alone knows the best options for your health and life. Be guided by the information from the God who created your physical body.

Healing is therefore the bread of every child of God (Matthew 15:26). You have the right to be healed than anyone else on the earth, because of your relationship with Jesus.

The leftovers from your healing benefits are what the unbelievers are scrambling for, when they come before the Lord for healing.

Feeding on God’s word for healing is your daily spiritual bread. You can eat as much as you want of it, without necessarily over feeding yourself with it.

God’s Spirit will guide you into healthy choices.

The soul (the mind) and the body are aligned with one another through the food that we are eating daily – both spiritual and physical foods.

That’s why as a Christian God does not want you to be “eating” and living like the unbelievers.

You can’t belong to God and still be equally yoked with the world, concerning the food that they are eating and what they are drinking (2 Corinthians 6:14).

You can’t be a partaker of the table of God, and that of the ungodly at the same time (1 Corinthians 10:21).

The spirit of a born-again child of God is supposed to be prospering, because the spirit man in him is in tune with the Spirit of God, who lives inside of that child of God.

A Christian who is not prospering in his spirit man is spiritually dead. The spirit of that religiously dead Christian is no longer in tune with the Spirit of God.

Being dead here is in reference to the insensitivity of his spirit man to the voice of the Holy Spirit who’s living in him.

That’s why as Christians we must be very careful not to move away from fellowshipping daily with the Spirit of God, just because we want to fellowship more with the world and socialize with them.

Be very careful with this. You are walking on a very thin line on this spiritual truth, that will either take you higher with God or down with the ungodly people in the world.

The devil wants you to stop fellowshipping with the Lord. That is his aim. It’s the easiest way for him to weaken your testimony about Jesus.

And if you allow him to target your faith in God also, he will not hesitate to destroy it. He will aggressively pursue his goal until he gets it done. Do not give him a breathing space in your life through your association with the world.

And there are a lot of Christians like that today, who have fallen into the trap of the devil. They are more in tune with the world and what is going on in the world around them, than they are with the Spirit of the Living God inside of them.

For example, they are allowing the political and social landscape around them to affect their faith in God. And as a result of this they are making a wreck of their faith. This has affected their health both in their minds and their physical bodies.

That’s why you can see certain Christians who can make smart decisions with their hearts, even when their head is telling them that they are wrong.

The result is an unbalanced spiritual life. They can only love God when that political or social landscape makes it expedient for them.

So, they will often end up following after the thoughts on their mind, while ignoring the voice of the spirit within them. They can’t discern and separate the voice of their mind from the voice of their hearts. They are struggling with spiritual discernment due to their inadequate fellowshipping time with the Holy Spirit.

That is why they will normally settle down for what they can easily identify with in the flesh around them.

Many of them function in action with the faith of “Thomas” (John 20:24-29); while professing the faith of “Abraham” (Romans 4:17).

It’s possible to be spiritually correct, while struggling with the application of spiritual truth itself.

For example, there are a lot of Christians who will believe their doctors, more than they will believe God’s word about their healing.

They will therefore do nothing spiritually to resist sicknesses and diseases when it comes, while allowing the doctor’s report to overshadow their meditation process on the word of God.

They will only do what the doctors says, while shutting their hearts to the spiritual truth surrounding their ailments.

This opens the floodgate for the enemy to assault their minds and prevent them from taking their healing by the Spirit of God.

These are the people who will take whatever the enemy is using to target their mind and their physical bodies as being normal.

Some of them will even say that it’s God’s will for them to be sick.

If the doctors tell them to be doing certain things, they will do it without any question at all. But if God tells them to do anything in His word, they will start questioning the rationale behind God’s word, with the intent of disobeying God.

They will look for every excuse for not obeying God’s word, but they are quicker to obey their doctors. You will always know them by their fruit.

It’s interesting to note that in most cases their fellowship with the world, while trying to keep a foothold in God’s Kingdom is affecting the overall outlook of their health.

God wants them to have soundness in their spirit, soul (mind) and body. But they are not paying attention to His voice within them.

You can’t attain to good health in your physical body as a Christian, if you’re prioritizing your fellowship time with the world over your fellowship time with God’s Spirit in your life.

That’s what will begin to trigger off the alarm system in your physical body mechanism, that certain things are not okay.

You can’t be a child of God and be doing in your physical body what does not bring glory to Him, and still expect to hear His voice.

You can’t be abusing your physical body in disobedience to God, and still expect His Spirit to heal you and give you good health.

A Christian lady once tried all types of weight loss programs with the aim of losing weight without success. Whereas the Holy Spirit had instructed her to make some adjustments about her diet many years before this. The Holy Spirit had told her to stop eating certain foods, but she never obeyed God’s voice.

She had spent all her money on the weight loss programs without any success. But on the other side the Holy Spirit had offered her the wisdom that she needed, which were ignored by her.

She finally ended up being sick for a long time in the hospital and about to die. She called on the Church to pray for her, but nothing happened. And the doctors at the hospital were already making their prognosis for her death.

Finally, the Lord sent her friend to her on the sick bed reminding her of her act of disobedience to His voice. She finally confessed that she had taken God’s voice lightly.

She was thinking that what the Lord had told her to do, had everything to do with what her weight loss coaches were telling her. She was wrong and nearly died as a result of this. She repented immediately and started getting rid of those bad food eating habits.

Her life was saved by just walking in the wisdom of God from the Holy Spirit, and not by the medications from the doctors. Jesus healed her and restored her health by just obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Certain simple things in life will save you. Don’t take God’s voice to you for granted. His word will heal you, give you good health and prolong your life if you’re obeying it.

Choose today to start paying attention to those things that, the Lord had been telling you about your physical body. You will live a healthier life and prolong your days on the earth by obeying God.


“Be completely faithful to the Lord your God, love him, and do whatever he tells you. The Lord is the only one who can give life, and he will let you live a long time in the land that he promised to your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”
Deuteronomy‬ ‭30:20‬ ‭CEV‬‬


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